The Physical Harmony Point

So far in this series, we’ve covered two meditations that can “reset” your breathing and hearing awareness-es.  Today, we’ll learn more about resets in general, and the two types of scanning that can be useful.  This will prepare us for next time, when we’ll learn a new meditation that can reset your remaining bodily sensations.

The Physical Harmony Point

The Physical Harmony Point is that place where you are scanning all of your bodily sensations, but perceiving nothing.  Think of it as minor version of The Harmony Point, one that only applies to the physical realm.  As this highlights, every realm has its own Harmony Point, all subsets of “The Harmony Point.”

And each realm has subsets of its own.  For example, the result of our breathing meditation is a Breathing Harmony Point, the result of our hearing meditation is a Hearing Harmony Point, and the result of using the MindVizor is a Seeing Harmony Point.

Sequential Scanning

Our hearing meditation uses a scanning approach that’s “based on the intensity of the distraction.”  While this works great for hearing, sometimes it can be helpful to use the “sequential order” scanning approach instead.  This is especially true for things that have fallen out of awareness, and are now accepted as normal.

These are the attention-seekers we ignore because they’ve been there for so long.  In the physical realm, they show up as chronic pain, limited mobility, and distorted posture.  In the mental and emotional realms, they show up as emotional pain, confusion, irrational thoughts and reactive behavior.  Either way, these are typically the result of scars and disease.

In our next meditation, we’ll use sequential scanning to find these hidden attention-seekers in the physical realm, bring them into awareness, then reset them.  And because these techniques work across realms, in future editions, we’ll learn how to apply these same techniques to the mental and emotional realms.

Resetting Physical Attention Seekers

To reset our breathing, we expanded and contracted our breath beyond everyday experience, then let it return to its natural state.  To reset our physical attention-seekers, we’re going to do the same thing to individual points on our body, in a sequential progression.  Instead of simple expansion and contraction, however, we will move our body across 3 axis:

6 Degrees of Body Movement
6 Degrees of Body Movement

Scar Tissue and Disease

Inevitably, as you progress through certain body movements, you will encounter some pain and distress.  These are usually signs of scar tissue or disease.  When targeting the Physical Harmony Point, you’ll just want to become aware of those pains, and how they are affected through movements around that point of awareness.  (in future editions, we’ll cover pain specific meditations)

Yoga and Meditation

Historically, yoga has been used to attain the meditative state know as “Samadhi.”  We call it The Harmony Point.  Newer flavors of yoga have lost this connection, and instead stress other things like heat, or hanging, etc.  Next time, we’ll bring these trends together, as we cover a yoga-based meditation that can help you attain the Physical Harmony Point …